Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Blood Moon

It was supposed to be not available in Singapore. And only on 15 Apr 2014. However, on 16 Apr 2014, my father noticed that the moon was reddish and told us about it. Indeed. it looked quite different from what it looked like on a normal day. I then decided to take some shots of this moon. It was the first of four consecutive total eclipses in a series, known as a tetrad (the remaining three eclipses will take place on October 8, 2014, April 4, 2015, and September 28, 2015). (See Wikipedia) Let's hope we can see it again on those dates.

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Popo Joins Gonggong In Heaven

Popo has passed away peacefully on 21 Mar 2014. Mummy brought her ashes back from Muar and it was then placed side-by-side with Gonggong's at The Garden of Remembrance. They are now finally together. Popo finally was relieved of her suffering and loneliness. All the relatives who were there were deeply saddened by her passing and witness her cremation. Now the only thing I could do is watch as her ashes were placed in the niche and being sealed up. Goodbye Popo. May you rest in peace.

Popo and Gonggong's urns.

The pastor reads some prayers to finish the process.

Thursday, March 27, 2014

Keys Collected!

Finally, the time has come. Everyone else has been posting on the FB group about their collection of keys. And every single day we wait for the status of our collection of keys to change on the HDB page. We finally got our turn and we went down to HDB Hub to do all the necessary paperwork and sadly, start paying for bills on the very same day. The whole process took about 2 hours or so, including paying for fire insurance, opening the account with Citygas and collecting of keys.

Our keys come with a key pouch as well! So awesome!

And as soon as we reached home, we couldn't contain our eagerness to check out our new home. Therefore we went over with Dear's Mum, who wanted to HUAT our home and therefore threw rice all over the floor of our home, and even asked me to roll a pineapple into the living room area lol.

Can't wait to decorate our house to make it cosy and comfy!

We tested the water taps worked and opened all windows for a preliminary check. The actual checking process shall be done on the coming Saturday. We have to report all defects to HDB within a week. And it seems that defects are very common, as seen from the complaints of those who have collected their keys on the FB group page. Our very first defect was already detected way before the collection of our keys. Our doorbell button does not have a doorbell symbol! Everyone else has the symbol! And worse still, Dear discovered that a small metal part of the main gate seems to have come off. Looks like we will have tons to report to HDB. (-_-)...

Ours on the left vs a non-defective one on the right

We spent almost an hour checking out our new home, before finally leaving. Gonna be a huge task of taking down all the defects of our new home and make sure HDB rectifies them this Saturday!

Saturday, March 15, 2014

Orchard Cafe Buffet Dinner

We had our complimentary buffet dinner at Orchard Hotel's Orchard Cafe. Got ZJ along but the other brothers were not available. So I invited some of our relatives and also Nut to join us for this dinner. The buffet restaurant is on the first floor of the hotel and the food variety is of the peranakan and international style. There were some peranakan dishes which I didn't try, and some local favourites such as satay, laksa, prawn mee, bak kut teh. The seafood section contained the normal shellfish galore like oyster, clams, prawns, crabs. Quite a good mix of food you would find at good buffet places.

There's interesting to try there too. Usually they have durian pengat, but you have it everywhere else. Over at Orchard Cafe, we had a chance to try the cempadak pengat, a replacement for the durian pengat when it's not available. The sweet aroma and taste might not be everyone's liking, but if you're a durian pengat fan, you'll probably enjoy it too.

ZJ, the foodie, attacks the seafood section first. He sure knows how to enjoy his food.

Wide variety of seafood available at the seafood bar.

Look at the beautiful colours of the prawns and crab pincers.

DIY kueh pie ti

My favourite bak kut teh.

My favourite laksa.

There's chilli crab too. And otah, as well as roast meat.

A good assortment of desserts is available too.
There's also cempedak pengat (bottom), a replacement for durian pengat not available on that day.

Freshly peng-ed and mouth-watering satay.

Had our fill. Satisfied dinner!

Friday, March 14, 2014

i Light Marina Bay 2014

Looks like an annual thingy now. The whole of Marina Bay was decorated with artworks using light. We decided to take a look. The Mosaic Music Festival was going on at the same time at the Esplanade, so it's killing two birds with one stone. There were free dart games, manicure, spray-on tattoos. We had some fun there. Dear got her free manicure too. Too awesome to be true.

Free dartboard game. You get a small prize if you score more than 50.

Very bright art pieces.

Got myself a spray-on tattoo.

Dear getting her nails done.

Beautifully-decorated wall.

Brought to you by Sailor Jerry.

Dear so happy she's doing manicure. And for free!

Although it's free, can see that the manicurist did it very seriously.


All thanks to Sailor Jerry. Still no idea who he is.

Some of the tattoo designs available.

Dear getting her own tattoo too.

Dual-coloured tattoo.

Seeing stars.

I'm very gentle already.

A raining cloud made of lightbulbs and metal chains.

This huge net hanging in the air created some cool visuals.

Another artwork using lightbulbs.

This huge ring of light looks like it came of out the movie Tron.

I still prefer this position at Marina Bay. Great combination of lights, colours, and structures.

Another artwork which is projected onto the ArtScience Museum.

Saturday, February 01, 2014

Chinese New Year Lunch At Tung Lok VivoCity

It's the annual Chinese New Year family gathering with the relatives. This year they decided to visit Tung Lok at VivoCity again. And as always, it's plenty of food and drinks, catching up with relatives, and dressing up for the occasion.

The ladies got together for a shot. But wait a minute...what's Xavier doing there!?

Tung Lok Signatures at VivoCity

Our handsome dudes.

Cousin Junfei and his family all decked in bright yellow.

Momorange's first CNY as married couple.

Yellowish porridge. Not as tasty as it looks lol.

Some of the goodies we ordered.

Some fruit concoction by the restaurant. Looks good eh?

Momo dear ready to concoct some love potion of her own.

Happy Chinese New Year 2014!

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Chinese New Year Reunion Dinner 2014

It's Chinese New Year! Always look forward to Mummy's cooking. As usual, she always prepares a wonderful spread for reunion dinner. This year it consists of abalone, chicken, veggies and home-made ngoh hiang, plus soup. To top it off is some yusheng as well. Huat ah!!! Time to eat like a pig! *nom nom nom*